The Tale of A Cat

A new book by Artist in Residence, Susi Whittaker, is now available featuring her original paintings depicting the story of Colin the Cat. Especially for children and cat lovers, this enchanting tale makes an ideal special present and unique gift.

An extract from the book ….

This is a tale of a cat called Colin.
Now when I say tale, I mean a little story about him.

Of course his tail follows him wherever he goes in his story, so it is a tale about his tail as well. Does that make sense to you ?

I hope you enjoy Colin’s tale ( and tail ! ). So let me introduce you to him.

As you can see, the first thing you probably notice about
him… his large and expressive eyes…

yes his body is large and expressive as well, I admit.

He has a kindly face, and is full of fun.

However he is a bit lonely now he no longer lives with his family. So let’s see how he manages for a year in his life……


To find out more, you can purchase the book from The Stani Gallery for only £ 6.50 as well as prints of the original paintings used in the book and a calendar too !

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