Richard Cooper

Richard Cooper & Company work with UK sculptors and designers to create stunning and unique foundry bronze sculptures. The sculptures are available in a variety of sizes across wide subject matters including Country Life, Country Pursuits & Interests, Figurative and Equestrian.

The main Art in Bronze collection sees the sculptures limited to editions as low as 25 pieces for large works and up to 250 for smaller designs. There are also an exquisite range of open edition miniatures in the Butler & Peach collection.

All bronzes are produced using the lost wax method. Each bronze is decorated and finished using the traditional method of patination and comes beautifully boxed with a Certificate of Authenticity. Read How the Bronzes Are Made.

Michael Simpson ( see below ) is one of the sculptors who has created a number of unique designs, particularly for the limited edition sculptures.

Michael Simpson

Although Mick studied fine art at Staffordshire Polytechnic it was the traditions of his home town of Stoke-on-Trent which inspired his love for sculpture. The famous towns forming the region have created some of the worlds finest works and respect for the
craft of the sculptor and designer is well deserved.

There are few modellers who can produce accurate and detailed studies covering
such diverse subjects as dogs, cats, African wildlife and the female form. Mick
is one of the few who can achieve this goal working from reference books, his
own drawings, photographs and observation. Like so many artists and sculptors,
his studio walls are covered in this reference.

Mick is unusual in another way in that he is one of the few sculptors
preferring to model in clay. Mostly wax is used for its versatility but Mick
loves the freedom clay offers and is quite content to work around its