If you are looking for something special for an individual, a particular room or a complete office or workplace then you can commission unique distinctive art to your specific requirements from any of the local artists at The Stani Gallery. Simply choose the style(s) of art that appeals to you and we can arrange for the artist(s) to show you further examples of their work and/or visit the house or business concerned to help you decide what is most appropriate.

Art is very subjective and can inspire a wide range of emotions and memories that can mean so much, in so many different ways, to the individual observer and recipient. While commissioning your own work is a very personal and satisfying experience, expressed from the heart, which truly results in unique distinctive art for that special person or space.

The subject of commissions can therefore be for any reason imaginable ;

•To suit the colour scheme of a particular room and the favourite colour(s) of an individual
•Because the recipient loves a particular subject or hobby ; music, animals, sport etc
•It can be for indoors or outdoors
•To present a theme, brand or values for a company
•Of a location that you love; the holiday destination, the dream, the place you love to go to
•To remind you of a memorable and special place; the church where you got married, the place where you met
•Because you just like it; it’s different, it makes you think, it reaches into you, it says something about you

Business Commissions

You can see an example of a business commission at The Gazzeria, an ice cream parlour in Buckingham, which included original paintings and an exclusive range of self branded cards and mugs.


And at Adventure with Dreambays near St Helens

Personal Wish Lists
How can I get something special without me having to buy it for myself?

How do I ensure the right surprise for someone without them knowing exactly what they will receive?

For a birthday, anniversary or just because you simply deserve it, The Stani Gallery offers a Personal Wish list service where you can identify what you would like from our wide range of unique distinctive art knowing that the giver will select something that is really want you wanted but you will not know exactly what it is before you get it!

Just come and tell us what you would really like and we will do the rest.

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