New original artists in The Stani Gallery

A warm welcome to the following new artists who have recently joined The Stani Gallery extending our range of unique distinctive art at affordable prices.

Helen Martino – Ceramicist

I describe my pots as ‘serious, posh and frivolous’ because for many years I was a functional potter, making batches of domestic pots on the wheel. These recent sculptures are hand built individually and each is considered separately. 

I am fascinated by body language and how it communicates. In my ceramic sculptures the exaggerated and stylised movements of the silent movies has seemed a natural way to portray communication and narrative as the sculptures depict moments in the everyday life of people.  Read more.


Elaine Marston – Painter

Passionate about drawing and painting, Elaine is a very versatile artist who enjoys painting in a variety of media, with an abiding love for oil and watercolour.

Elaine’s inspiration comes from a diverse range of subjects and themes; from reflections caught on water; the light hitting the canopy of a café scene, to a quiet corner of a harbour. Read more.


Lynda-Christina – Perspex Artist

Whilst researching the relationship between fabric, embroidery, sculpture and light,
Lynda-Christina developed a unique process which changed the chemical composition of a synthetic thermoplastic resin and added a new dimension to its character.

Each piece contains some form of encapsulated media, so that an interplay between the media and a light source, brings every detail under scrutiny.

The viewer is given the opportunity to appreciate and experience the reflection, the shadow play and the effects of different levels of natural and artificial light on the artwork, creating Light Sculptures.


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