New Artists in the Gallery

A warm welcome to the following new artists who have recently joined The Stani Gallery extending our range of original and affordable art.

Julie Larrett – Glass

I currently use three techniques to make contemporary art work; Mosaics – normally in Pop Art style and presented as pictures, Stained Glass – using copper foiling to make framed pictures, and Fused Glass – fused in my kiln to make coasters and dishes. Read more.

Jennifer McAllister – Painting

The Fishing Hut is a spontaneous painting with lose applications of paint and medium, allowing for ‘happy accidents’. Vibrant colours have been achieved by allowing the paint to pool and not be over manipulated. Read more.

Kerry Tremlett – Print

I work with two printmaking techniques, monotype and relief. They achieve very different results but are equally enjoyable.  Printmaking is a wonderfully exciting way to get colour on to paper and I really enjoy the surprise element that you get with each changing layer.  Read more.

Andy MacDermott – Ceramics

My work is made using the coiling technique, plaster moulds & freehand build. Pottery is my passion. Not set to one style as I like to create all sorts of pieces. I use an Electric Kiln & a Raku Kiln too. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy making it. Read more.


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