Joanna & Michelle’s Wedding List

Welcome to the wedding list for Joanna & Michelle. You can see the range of gifts they have chosen in the gift list immediately below…. just click to see a larger photograph. The gift vouchers will be used to help them buy the paintings.

If you wish to make a contribution or buy one of the gifts for them, simply phone us on 01908 56 76 56 ( we are open Mon – Sat ), tell us which gift and the amount you wish to contribute and we will take payment by credit card. We will then email you confirmation of your payment, update the list and also let Joanna & Michelle know that you have contributed.

You can see some further photographs and descriptions of the gifts in the gift slide show below the list.  Thank you very much for looking at the list and we hope you enjoy the wedding !

Susi Whittaker
The Stani Gallery

Slide Show…

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