Calling all Couples called Colin and Clarissa !

A Special Valentines Present from The Stani Gallery of Stony Stratford is available for any couple called Colin and Clarrisa !

 Susi Whittaker, owner and Artist in Residence, has created an original painting entitled “When Colin & Clarissa Fell in Love” to celebrate Valentine’s day this year. A print of the painting is currently on display in the gallery window and the design has also been reproduced on a ceramic mug and cork coaster.

We are offering a pair of “Colin & Clarissa” mugs FREE to any couple called Colin and Clarissa who visit the gallery before 5 pm on Tuesday 14th February and can prove they are genuinely a couple with those names !

The Stani Gallery is open every day of the week, including Sundays, and has a unique selection of original valentine gifts available for everyone, including valentines not called Colin or Clarrisa !! See the special Valentines page for a selection of the original art available.

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