Olivia Brown

Olivia graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 1999 with a first class honours degree in Contemporary Craft.

She established her business in 2000 and has become widely known for her ceramic sculptures and site specific installations. Her work has been exhibited and sold worldwide.

Olivia specialises in ceramic sculptures of dogs, although she does paint extensively too. Each piece is handmade in her stableyard studio in Yorkshire out of a clay which is specially made for handbuilding large items.

The sculptures are slab built around a purpose built frame. The clay is rolled out and applied to the frame and sculpted into the shape of the dog. As well as the form, capturing the character of the canine in question is very important to Olivia and is foremost in her mind when creating each individual piece.

Once dry the sculptures are fired to 1050 degrees and then various layers of high pigment stains applied in washes to achieve the desired depth of colouration .

From start to finish a model can take up to 6 weeks to produce, due to the drying time and processes involved.