Ed Bullimore

Ed Bullimore’s main work was concerned with semiconductor device technology, but his pleasure job is taking photographs.   Ed is a photographer who lives in Buckinghamshire in the village of Haddenham.  Ed specialises in producing pictures of landscapes and natural forms as well as historical and cultural sites.  He has lived on both sides of the Atlantic but has always lived in the countryside and would not take kindly to a permanent life in a huge city.  Often by looking closely at a subject, forms and patterns are revealed which would otherwise be missed.

Imagine an early morning in an English Spring – half past five in the morning in fact.  The air is still, there is a heady scent of massed bluebells.  The sun has just risen above the horizon, tree trunks suddenly become lit with the direct rays of the sun – marvellous!  And there is no-one but me to see it!

This picture is on stretched canvas and is produced using pigment inks which should last a lifetime.  The surface of the picture is protected by a special transparent overcoat.

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