Craig Churchill

I have been interested in the great outdoors for as long as I can remember, at about eleven years of age I was given a camera by my father and so began my foray into wildlife photography.
Photography has been my profession for the past ten years and in that time a lot has changed , film has come and gone and digital has arrived which has opened up so many possibilities.
My subject matter varies but my main interest is British Wildlife with foxes being a firm favourite at the moment as the cubs are venturing out allowing some close and intimate shots to be taken, a recent trip though took me to Svalbard in the Arctic to photograph Polar Bears, and it was a sequence of images taken here that won me the Natural Wonders category in last years Travel Photographer of the year competition. My aim is to continue to document the wildlife that the UK has to offer in all its shapes and forms.

This little cub was one of three that occupied an earth in old badgers set, at this age they are quite inquisitive and allow a close approach providing you stay quite still and quiet

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