Trevor Jeavons

Trained as a painter at Gravesend Art School and over the past 30 years has lectured internationally on art as therapy and communication working with severely disabled children. Extensively involved in Milton Keynes as a former Headteacher, Chairman of MK Council for Disabled People, Co-founder of MK Crosswords Care Scheme and Senior Art Therapist at Dept of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. Presently in part retirement, but still painting and occasional consultant and lecturer. Psychotherapy inevitably influences his unique style of painting.

My work falls into the category of “abstract expressionism” . A figurative concept distorts and changes and then I find myself improvising. I believe that something from deep within me emerges, but there has to be a mixture of free expression, intuition and logic. I seek a certain expressive harmony as I throw paint, newspaper pieces, sand , earth or whatever I have placed beside me until that part and the whole is right. I enjoy fingering the paint or using rags. Sometimes I might use a brush but not very often.

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