Tina Ashton

I started painting some again 10 years ago after returning to full-time education to study Art & Design.  From my studio overlooking a beautiful lake in Buckinghamshire I now paint full-time and feel very lucky to be doing what I love on a daily basis.  My paintings have featured in Exhibitions across the UK, and more recently in Europe & New York as part of International Exhibitions.  Private & corporate collectors worldwide are proud owners of my work and this ultimate compliment in turn drives me to create with even more passion.

Painting in acrylic on canvas is what I love the most.  My work is bold and colourful and often features black line; my hope is that my paintings never go unnoticed!  I enjoy creating romantic pieces and my inspirations come from many sources particularly the Art Nouveau period, and similar swirly shapes and decorative detail often feature in my work.

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