Jennifer McAllister

I graduated from Surrey Institute of Art and Design in 1996.  I now have an art studio in Stony Stratford where I paint full time.

I work in both in oils and acrylics and enjoy the buttery feel of using oils and the drying properties of acrylics which allow for faster applications of textures.

I use a window viewfinder to identify a good composition, it helps to turn everyday subjects into inspirations for my sketches.  These are then developed into paintings.  In this way I am able to move away from realistic interpretations. Each step is a move away from the obvious.  Drawing is of paramount importance.

The Fishing Hut is a spontaneous painting with lose applications of paint and medium, allowing for ‘happy accidents’. Vibrant colours have been achieved by allowing the paint to pool and not be over manipulated.

The painting is of fishing huts along the coast of Brittany near Pornic.  These elevated huts are a very common site in this area. 

The inspiration for this work was based on a sketch completed on my holiday in France.  The tide was a very long way out and I had walked out a short distance and found I had to complete the pastel sketch very quickly because the tide had turned. 

The spontaneity of the painting was based on the quick mark making and colours from the sketch.

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