Denise White

My background is in fine arts and art education. I’ve lived in the UK with my husband since 1991. Upon my arrival, I volunteered as an art assistant at a local Milton Keynes school for six years . Since that time, I’ve gained additional experience working with a variety of media . I’ve been a member of MKSA for many years as well as other local art groups.

I am intrigued by any subject that presents itself in an interesting composition of light shadow and colour. Whether I’ve painted landscapes, seascapes, florals, architecture, or commissioned to paint F1 racing cars complete with pit crews; my paintings have made their way into the collections of appreciative clients on both sides of the Atlantic.  
Having grown this jam pumkin plant from seed, I painted it in water soluble oils.

I wanted to convey the pathways of light and shadow along the vine and terra cotta tiles as well as the rhythm of the undulating leaves as they lead the eye up to the pumpkin.

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