The Factotum

Wikipedia : A factotum is a general servant or a person having many diverse activities or responsibilities. The word derives from the Latin command fac totum (“do/make everything”).

Roger Whittaker

Roger is a local businessman providing Telecoms, IT and Energy services through Pink Connect, as well as management consultancy through The Art of Effective Business. He has worked for national and global companies ; been employed with a client, contractor, consultant and public authority ; managed a variety of functional and operational teams ; as a builder, retailer, engineer, marketer and designer in the construction, oil and water industries ….  a factotum by any other name!

Roger is currently a committee member of the Stony Stratford Business Association ; coordinates Stony AHA! an arts & heritage appreciation in May and helps organise Stony Means Business, a Business Forum for local businesses in the area.

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