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Blind Faith & Creative Instinct

Blind Faith & Creative InstinctThe Stani Gallery was launched in May 2010 as a brand new business in an unfamiliar town providing a discretionary purchase in a recession. We are pleased to say that we are profitable and growing.  There was no road map, just the one we produced for ourselves. There was no business research nor traditional corporate thinking. We just had passion and determination and used our creativity and instinct about how to attract, engage and respond to our customers. As we say, there is nothing you actually need in our art gallery, but everything you might possibly want !

Our story, so far, is included in a new book, Lessons learned from the Recession, that has been written by carefully selected business leaders from around the world. Our contribution is about launching a retail business during the worst recession in living memory. You can read our story and download the entire E-book for free or buy a paperback version at a special discounted price either online or at the gallery.

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Want a copy of the book ?

Lessons learned from the Recession is full of inspirational stories and practical advice, told on a personal level, by people who have muddied their boots and proved that good business skills can guide a business through torrid economic times. 

It contains 60 inspirational chapters, written by carefully selected business leaders from all walks of industry and from all around the world. Upon reflection it is these decisions that they believe were the most critical and effective actions that enabled their businesses to not only survive but thrive. There is a wealth of information contained within the book that is undeniably useful for anyone in business.

You can download the E-book for free or obtain a paperback copy of the book  online from Ask the Experts , by completing registration  to obtain a 50 % discount off the £12.99 RRP. Just enter the discount code BLC1024 at the checkout to arrange delivery direct to your door for only £6.50, including postage and packing.


Visit The Stani Gallery at 61 High Street in Stony Stratford to collect your copy in person for only £5 !  

We would like to get your feedback after you have read it, so please contact us at The Stani Gallery or visit The Business Leaders Book Club to let us know what you thought !

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