The Building

61 High Street. Stony Stratford

The building was built in 1600 and was originally timber framed. It has a 17th Century inglenook fireplace with medieval timbered walls. Uniquely in Stony Stratford and the North Buckinghamshire area is the brick front with a Dutch gable, which was added in 1670.  The building at the back was built as a stable in the 17th Century and was later extended to  three storeys in the 18th Century.

In the 18th century the building was used as a Pin factory.  It has also been a Drapers in the early 19th Century, before becoming W F Taylors Jewellers for some 130 years from the 1870’s. Since that closed in 2004, a number of retail businesses have operated from the premises, with the latest being The Stani Gallery where unique and distinctive art is displayed in a unique and distinctive building !

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