The Community

We are delighted to be located in Stony Stratford and endeavour to play our part in supporting the local community.

Art for Auction for Milton Keynes Hospital Little Lives Appeal (Feb 11)

Art work has been donated from a number of artists to The Little Lives Appeal of Milton Keynes Hospital for auction at the Vincent & Flavia Gala Ball. See hear.

Funds for Research with Ted’s Gang (Oct 10)

We are very pleased to be supporting Ted’s Gang, initially with the supply of branded mugs for the Christmas period, which will be on sale both at The Stani Gallery and through the Ted’s Gang website.

A local charityTed’s Gang is a local charity in Stony Stratford set up to raise money for research in to Shwachman Diamond Syndrome. This is a rare genetic disorder that affects the bone marrow, growth, digestion, immunity and skeleton. They are called Ted’s Gang because of a four year old boy called Ted who has the Syndrome. Further research will help to ensure that Ted and others with the condition will be kept well and happy for as long as possible.

Please support them if you can by purchasing a mug from us and/or any of the many ways you can find on How Can I Help?

Fundraising for Play Equipment at Russell County First School (May 10)

We are very pleased to support the Parents Association efforts to raise £ 10,000 by the end of July for new play equipment.

Russell Street School Playground Equipment

Roger Whittaker of The Stani Gallery (left) with Laurence Connisbee of The Parents Association (right) and the new playground equipment.

Our contribution will consist of:

•A Silent Auction of an original painting with the purchase price donated in full.
•10 % of all proceeds taken during the Preview Evening and on Saturday 22nd May – our first day of trading.
•Encouraging our customers to donate their change until the end of July

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