The Making of ejw Miniatures

These highly sought after limited edition bronze sculptures have been created by Edward Waites. Edward is a young sculptor, largely self taught and specialises in animals and wildlife. His aim is to capture their presence and character in his own unique style; emphasising muscle, sinew and movement. Cast into bronze and numbered into limited editions, his work is collected internationally. 

The process of producing such stunning sculpture briefly involves

  • The original sculpture is sculpted in oil based clay and then gets moulded using rubber silicone.
  • Hot wax is poured into that mould to produce a wax replica and that is cleaned and chased.
  • The wax replica then has bronze poured into it and is aired to release the gas as this happens.
  • This structure is dipped several times over the following weeks in a liquid ceramic investment.
  • Once the ceramic is thick enough the piece is put in a kiln upside down and the wax burns out of the ceramic leaving a negative of the wax figure.
  • Bronze is heated, poured into the ceramic mould and then cleaned and the metal hand finished.
  • The final stage is ‘Patination’ which is when the bronze is heated and different chemicals applied to produce different finishes. Each sculpture is then signed and numbered to produce a limited edition.

Typically 100 mm tall, these beautiful bronze animals show amazing intricate detail and are typically priced from only £150. See the range at ejw Miniatures at The Stani Gallery  

You can also download the above information in a pdf here… ejw Miniatures.

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